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1400 (MCD) byl přestupný rok, který dle juliánského kalendáře započal čtvrtkem.


Probíhající události

Vědy a umění

  • vodní kola na vrchní vodu, umožňující získání dvojnásobného výkonu
  • první pokusy o dobývání kamenného uhlí v Anglii


České země


Hlavy států


Území dnešní ČR



Blízký východ a Severní Afrika

Dálný východ a Asie

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Flag of Vatican.svg
The Flag of Vatican City State, as per the 2023 w:en:Fundamental Law of Vatican City State, reproducing Annex A which contains the official depiction of this version. See 2023 Fundamental Law of Vatican City State, art. 23, n. 1.
This 2023 flag is very similar to the flag used in the 1929 Fundamental Law of Vatican City State, see here, p. 35. Thus, it is in the public domain.
Flag of the Vatican City.svg
Autor: NeznámýUnknown author, Licence: CC0
Flag of the Vatican City, as described in the 2000 w:en:Fundamental Law of Vatican City State (which took effect in Feb. 2001), Article 20, Attachment A. See here and here.
Banner of the Holy Roman Emperor with haloes (1400-1806).svg
Autor: David Liuzzo, eagle by N3MO, Licence: CC BY-SA 3.0
Banner of the Holy Roman Empire, double headed eagle with halos (1400-1806)
Flag of the Kalmar Union.svg
This is merely a recreation of what the flag is thought to have looked like. There are no surviving flags or pictorial evidence as to its appearance. See article at Flags of the World.
Flag of Croatia.svg
Při zobrazení tohoto souboru lze snadno přidat orámování
Grunwald Słupsk i Szczecin.svg
Autor: J a1, Licence: CC BY-SA 3.0
Banner of Kazimierz, duke of Pomerania - Szczecin in battle of Grunwald (1410)
Alex K Grundwald flags 1410-03.svg
Autor: Alex Tora, Licence: CC BY 3.0
Flags of Ruthenian lands in the battle of Tannenberg, 1410.
Banner of arms of Moravia.svg
Prapor s moderní verzí historického znaku Moravy.
Kingdom of Poland-flag.svg
Banner of Kingdom of Poland in the 14th century

A seal of Duke Premislaus II from 1290 shows the ruler holding a banner emblazoned with a crowned eagle. During the reign of King Ladislaus (r. 1320–1333), the red cloth with the White Eagle was established as the royal banner. The orientation of the eagle on the banner varied; its head could point either upwards or towards the hoist.

Flag of Serbia (1882–1918).svg
Autor: Guilherme Paula, Licence: CC BY-SA 3.0
State flag of Serbia (1882-1918)
Pabellon de Brandeburgo (c. 1684).svg
Autor: Durero, Licence: CC BY-SA 4.0
Ensign of Brandenburg Navy circa 1684. Drawing based on Die kurbrandenburgische Flotte (1684).
Delhi Sultanate Flag.svg
Flag of the Sultanate of Delhi according to the Catalan Atlas (1375). The flag is grey with a black band in the Catalan Atlas (attached image), not green with a black band as previously uploaded.
The actual grey and black color appears clearly in the primary source (and the Catalan Atlas has plenty of green otherwise, so the grey cannot be a result of color fading), and this interpretation is confirmed by academic sources:

REFERENCE: "....that helps to identify yet another curious flag found in northern India – a brown or originally sliver flag with a vertical black line – as the flag of the Delhi Sultanate (602-962/1206-1555)." in (2010). "On the Timurid flag". Beiträge zur islamischen Kunst und Archäologie 2: 148.

WARNING: This is primary source image, the actual flag is otherwise unknown. The main source pointing to this design is the Catalan Atlas, which as a historical primary source. This image should not be added to articles without clearly attributing its primary source origin, and secondary sources are additionally desired if available (such as the one above). Note that FOTW (where most of those flags on Commons are adapted from) is based on user contributions like Wikipedia, and hence not authoritative.


The file of the actual grey flag from the Catalan Atlas was overwritten by the uploader over the previous green flag, a hoax that actually cannot be found in the Catalan Atlas. The original file claiming to be the "Flag of the Delhi Sultanate" being a hoax, it was quintessentially false and misled users, and therefore had to be updated with a proper and accurate image. This is following the spirit of the COM:OW rule about "Files with current data" which for example allows to modify the file of a map which has false national boundaries: "Files with current data: (...) However, files may be identified to reusers as ones where information may be updated – these files can and should be overwritten to reflect new information as necessary. (...) A file named "File:Germany location map.svg" is expected to indicate the current boundaries, and is expected to be updated if, for example, the boundaries changed or errors were observed." So a map with false boundaries can, and should be, overwriten: similarly a national flag with a false design can and should be overwritten.

Kingdom of Sicily naval flag.svg
Autor: Vlastní dílo, Licence: CC BY-SA 4.0
Naval flag of the kingdom of Sicily, drawn after Guillem Soler (c. 1380) File:Portolan chart of Guillem Soler (c.1380, Paris).jpg