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Flag of the Margraviate of Moravia.png
Autor: Dragovit, sources: Moravská orlice s klenotem.jpg (the eagle delivered from), Licence: CC BY-SA 4.0
Heraldická vlajka Moravského markrabství a moravských markrabat.
State Flag and War Ensign of the Kingdom of Sardinia (1816-1848).svg
State Flag and War Ensign of the Kingdom of Sardinia (1816-1848).
Banner of the Holy Roman Emperor with haloes (1400-1806).svg
Autor: David Liuzzo, eagle by N3MO, Licence: CC BY-SA 3.0
Banner of the Holy Roman Empire, double headed eagle with halos (1400-1806)
Flag of the Papal States (pre 1808).svg
Flag of the Papal States before 1808.
Flag of Japan (1870-1999).svg
Variant version of a flag of Japan, used between January 27, 1870 and August 13, 1999 (aspect ratio 7:10).
Flag of Japan (1870–1999).svg
Variant version of a flag of Japan, used between January 27, 1870 and August 13, 1999 (aspect ratio 7:10).
Flag of the Kingdom of Sicily (inverted).svg
Autor: , Licence: CC BY-SA 3.0
Merchant ensign of the Kingdom of Sicily (14th to 15th centuries) [historical flags would not be rectangular put pointed at the fly]
Flag of John the Baptist.svg
Saint John the Baptist's cross (a white cross on a red background), used as State flag by the Republic of Florence, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, the Italian city of Como and various other places.
Royal Standard of the King of France.svg
Autor: Sodacan, Licence: CC BY-SA 3.0
Královská standarda francouzského krále (používaný jako státní vlajka Francouzským královstvím v období absolutní monarchie). Používaná byla v letech 1638 až 1790.
Flag of Hungary (1915-1918, 1919-1946).svg
Flag of Hungary from 6 November 1915 to 29 November 1918 and from August 1919 until mid/late 1946.
Ancient Flag of Burgundy.svg
Autor: Oren neu dag (diskuse), Licence: CC BY-SA 3.0
Ancient Flag of Burgundy
Kingdom of Poland-flag.svg
Banner of Kingdom of Poland in the 14th century

A seal of Duke Premislaus II from 1290 shows the ruler holding a banner emblazoned with a crowned eagle. During the reign of King Ladislaus (r. 1320–1333), the red cloth with the White Eagle was established as the royal banner. The orientation of the eagle on the banner varied; its head could point either upwards or towards the hoist.

Flag of Veneto.svg
Autor: Derivative work: F l a n k e r, Licence: CC-BY-SA-3.0
Vector flag of Veneto.
State Flag of the Duchy of Modena and Reggio (1830-1859).svg
Autor: FDRMRZUSA, Licence: CC BY-SA 4.0
State Flag of the Duchy of Modena and Reggio (1830-1859). References: http://www.rbvex.it/modena.html.
Flag of the Duchy of Burgundy.svg
Flag of the Habsburg possessions, 14th-16th century
Safavid Flag.svg
Flag of the Safavid Dynasty from 1576[1] to 1666[2][3]
Autor: User:Stannered, Licence: CC-BY-SA-3.0

Attributed flag of the Timurid Empire (the reference dates to 1374-5, but it it not necessarily the design of any flag in actual use).

(Quote from original by en:User:Ingoman) Flag of the Timurid Empire according to the Catalan Atlases c.1374-5 created by James Dahl The three bezants arranged in a triangle is the "Symbol of Peace". I have seen a variant shown of this flag which has the bezants pointing upwards, and they are white on a light blue background, but I have found no evidence to support this, and it is doubtless a reconstruction based on coinage (which also features the Symbol of Peace) with the colours a matter of congecture. However, in historical accounts of the flag of Tamerlane, he is always described as bearing a flag of black, red and white, which Europeans incorrectly interpret as a tricolour for lack of a description of the flag's devices. (the white is probably a fringe). Since I have never found reason to doubt the accuracy of the Catalan Atlas in terms of flags (it has proven in fact to be the most trustworthy document of the time period) I have concluded that this in fact was Timur's flag.
Flag of Milan.svg
Při zobrazení tohoto souboru lze snadno přidat orámování
Flag of the Ottoman Empire (1844–1922).svg
The Ottoman flag of 1844–1922. Late Ottoman flag which was made based on the historical documents listed in the Source section. Note that a five-pointed star was rarely used in the star-and-crescent symbol before the 19th century.
Delhi Sultanate Flag.svg
Flag of the Sultanate of Delhi according to the Catalan Atlas.
WARNING: This image is highly speculative. The main source pointing to this design is the Catalan Atlas, which as a historical primary source cannot be considered a reliable reference, especially if it is the only source used. This image should not be added to articles without clearly indicating its speculative nature. Note that FOTW (where most of those flags on Commons are adapted from) is based on user contributions like Wikipedia, and hence not authoritative either.