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2. prosinec je 336. den roku podle gregoriánského kalendáře (337. v přestupném roce). Do konce roku zbývá 29 dní.


Bitva u Slavkova




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Miloš Macourek (* 1926)
Libor Bouček (* 1978)


Jan Ullrich (* 1973)
Monika Selešová (* 1973)
Nelly Furtado (* 1978)
Britney Spears (* 1981)


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Hana Benešová († 1974)


Hernán Cortés († 1547)
Markýz de Sade († 1814)
John Brown († 1859)
Kliment Jefremovič Vorošilov († 1969)



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Hernán Cortés Portrait 17th century.png
Title: "Hernán Cortés". Resource Type: 3D Object, Easel Painting. He was born in Medellín in 1485 and died in Castilleja de la Cuesta in 1547. In 1504 he left for Hispaniola and from there to Ferdinanda, that is, Cuba, where he organized the expedition that would culminate in the conquest of Mexico. In 1519 he founded the Villa Rica de la Vera Cruz, on August 13, 1521 he was able to consummate the conquest of Mexico-Tenochtitlan; Due to his merits in this company, Emperor Carlos V granted him the titles of: Captain General of the conquered lands and Marquis of the Valley of Oaxaca. The meaning of the iconography of the coat of arms that was granted to Cortés and that is represented in this painting is contained in the execution of March 7, 1525, which says: "by this voice we grant mercy, and we want that, in addition to the weapons that you have of your lineage, you can have and bring by your own and known arms a shield that in the middle of the right hand, in the upper part there is a black two-headed eagle, on a white field, which are the arms of our empire, and in the other half of the said half shield, to the bottom, a golden lion on a golden field, in memory of you, the said Hernando Cortés, and for your industry and effort, truxixtes things to the above state: and in the middle, to the other half shield from the left hand to the top, three gold crowns on a black field, the vna above the two, in memory of three Lords of the great city Tenusttan (Mexico) and its provinces, that you defeated, that Montezuma was the first, that he was killed or by the Indians, which happened in the Señorío that was revealed against Us, and made you of the said city; and the other that happened in the said Lordship, Guatemucin (Quauhtemózin), and sustained the said revelation until you defeated him and learned. And in the other half of the other half shield of the left hand, on the lower part, you can bring the city of Tenustitan, armed on water, in memory that by force of arms you won it, and suggested it to our Lordship; and by the border of the said shield, in a yellow field, seven captains and lords of seven provinces and towns, who are in the lagoon and around it the city of Tenustitan, imprisoned and tied with a chain that is closed with a padlock below the said shield; and on top of a helmet with its ring, on a coat of arms such as this". Consigned by Jesús Romero Flores in 1940 as a work of the Old National Museum, it entered the National Museum of the Viceroyalty in 1964. (1) Manuel Toussaint, Pintura colonial en México , page 52. (2) Pedro Rojas, General History of Mexican Art, page 70.
Monica Seles interview.jpg
Autor: Drew Geraets from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Licence: CC BY 2.0
cropped version
Hana Benešová.jpg
Hana Benešová, manželka československého prezidenta Edvarda Beneše
Libor Bouček 2013.JPG
Autor: David Sedlecký, Licence: CC BY-SA 3.0
Libor Bouček, český moderátor
Kliment Voroshilov.jpg
Kliment Yefremovich Voroshilov, in the year 1937, with the rank "Marshal" (OF10).
Britney Spears 2013.jpg
Autor: Glenn Francis, Licence: CC BY-SA 4.0
Britney Spears, Carson, California on May 11, 2013 - Photo by Glenn Francis of www.PacificProDigital.com
Ullrich in Jena.jpg
(c) ReneS, CC BY 2.0
Jan Ullrich at the Jens Heppner Farewell Race in Jena, Germany
Marquis de Sade by Loo.jpg
Ο Μαρκήσιος ντε Σαντ σε νεανική ηλικία, προσωπογραφία